Rheological Analysis

The study of flow properties under force is known as rheology. The study of flow properties and deformation of materials under force is known as rheology. escubed has two rotational rheometers including Malvern Instrument’s

Kinexus Ultra +

within its laboratory to measure rheological properties using a wide range of geometries suited to a vast array of material types at a range of applied shears and temperatures.

escubed has experience of measuring a range of materials from dilute colloidal or Newtonian systems through to semi-solid pastes, polymers and non-newtonian systems from a large array of sectors.

Many materials exhibit very complex rheological behaviour under a range of conditions, which requires in-depth knowledge of not only what the best methods to conduct are, but also an understanding of how to interpret this data and relate to a specific application or problem.

kinexus Utra Plus

Typically we are asked…

  • Is it stable? Does it behave as a fluid or a solid? – Oscillation analysis
  • Will it flow? – Viscosity and shear stress vs. shear rate
  • Will it recover its original state? – Thixotropy analysis
  • What is the energy required to move it? – Yield stress analysis
  • What is the viscosity? – Single point viscosity at a specified shear and temperature

  • … we use the most appropriate technique or develop a new methodology.

    We work with a range of materials and sectors. Recent work includes…

  • Flowability of ‘scratch and sniff’ fragrances
  • Margarine spreadability
  • Paint formulation
  • Pharmaceutical stability studies
  • Structure stability of concentrated emulsions
  • Yield stress of settled beds
  • Get in touch for a quote or to find out more about how we can support you ….

    Rheology- Oscillation and Thixotropy – Application Note Rheology- Yield Stress – Application Note

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