Rheological Analysis

The study of flow properties under force is known as rheology.

Using a range of rheological techniques to characterise flow properties, escubed’s experts are at hand to offer practical solutions over a range of applied shears and temperatures. With experience including creating and testing a range of emulsion concentrations, and testing the stability of pharmaceuticals, escubed can offer a flexible and bespoke characterisation of the flow properties of your materials.

escubed limited has invested in the most recent Malvern Instrument’s

Kinexus Ultra +

offering our customers the state of the art technology

kinexus Utra Plus

Typically we are asked…

  • Is it stable? Does it behave as a fluid or a solid? – Oscillation analysis
  • Will it flow? – Viscosity and shear stress vs. shear rate
  • Will it recover its original state? – Thixotropy analysis
  • What is the energy required to move it? – Yield stress analysis
  • What is the viscosity? – Single point viscosity at a specified shear and temperature

  • … we use the most appropriate technique or develop a new methodology.

    We work with a range of materials and sectors. Recent work includes…

  • Flowability of ‘scratch and sniff’ fragrances
  • Margarine spreadability
  • Paint formulation
  • Pharmaceutical stability studies
  • Structure stability of concentrated emulsions
  • Yield stress of settled beds
  • Rheology- Flow Curve – Application Note Rheology- Oscillation and Thixotropy – Application Note Rheology- Yield Stress – Application Note

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