Particle Count Analysis

In addition to particle size, escubed has the capability of providing a particle count analysis across a nano-meter to micron size range

Electrozone Sensing

The Coulter technique requires particles to be suspended in a conductive liquid and drawn through an aperture between two electrodes. The two electrodes generate a current across the aperture and as the particles are drawn through it, the current is disrupted. This generates a pulse that is amplified, counted and analysed.

multisizer 4

Our scientists most frequently use the Beckman Coulter Multisizer to analyse samples such as stack emissions and filtrates. We have several aperture sizes which can be combined to provide a particle count over a greater size range.


Escubed are able to measure particle size and particle count analysis using a Beckman Coulter Multisizer IV. We have several aperture sizes available to measure a particle size distribution of between 0.4µm-448µm and can perform a multi-tube analysis for samples with a high polydispersity. We can report particle count and size distribution by volume, diameter and area, as a percentage or per ml pf both aqueous and non-aqueous samples.

Nanoparticle Tracking


Based on optical microscopy techniques, the Nanosight LM10 utilised by escubed has a laser for a light source and measures particles on a near-black background. It automatically tracks and sizes individual particles identified by Brownian motion in polydisperse and multimodal samples. Additionally, the Nanosight can record clips of individual particles being tracked.

escubed are able to offer the use of this technique for samples containing nanoparticles in a range of 10nm to 2000nm in any non-corrosive solvent and water.

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