New TriStar II 3020 Instrument June 26, 2013

We have increased our capabilities with a new TriStar II 3020 Surface Area and Porosity analyser. The TriStar II uses the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) equation to describe the Surface Area and Barrett-Joyner-Halenda (BJH) equation to describe the pore size and volume……

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Particle Counting November 28, 2012

Coulter Particle Counter Escubed Adds Particle Counting to its Capabilities… We have expanded our physical characterisation capabilities with the addition of a Beckman Coulter Counter. The Coulter Counter is a versatile, multichannel, particle size analyser, which employs the Coulter electrical…..

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Christmas Shutdown 2012

We are closing at 4.30pm on Friday, 21st December 2012 and will re-open again on the morning of 2rd January 2013. The last date that we can accept samples to be reported before Christmas is 10th December. The escubed team…..

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January 2012 Newsletter January 7, 2012

Escubed Announces New Staff Appointment… We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kylie Griffin as our new Business Development and Quality Manager. Kylie brings to Escubed a varied and broad range of experience within the scientific arena. Kylie trained…..

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escubed limited strengthens its nanoparticle characterization capability August 4, 2010

Escubed and its contract analytical partner, ParticlesCIC at the University of Leeds, have recently expanded their already impressive range of particle and material characterisation instrumentation with the CPS DC24000 High Speed Disc Centrifuge. The CPS Disc Centrifuge has the capability…..

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Business UK Grant July 10, 2009

Escubed limited is pleased to announce that it has recently secured a Business Link UK Grant for developing a novel technique to measure the contact angle of API powders. For more information please contact Simon or Susanne on 0113 343…..

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