New Equipment – Malvern Kinexus Ultra PlusJanuary 4, 2016

New Equipment – Malvern Kinexus Ultra Plus

Escubed have invested in the next generation of Rheology instruments from Malvern to complement our existing Bohlin Gemini.

The state-of-the-art Kinexus Ultra Plus arrived is already working flat out in our laboratory developing methods, measuring the interfacial rheology in non-aqueous materials, insight into formulated product behaviour and releasing QC batch products. The instrument has had a profound impact on our service offering to the research and development of new and existing products.

The Kinexus Ultra Plus has the highest sensitivity air bearing and widest torque range, coupled with the unprecedented vertical (axial) control capabilities of the Kinexus platform, for advanced rheological testing. Unique sequence-driven rSpace software enables fully customizable test design to allow researchers to set-up and investigate tailored rheological test protocols.

For those new to rheology, visit our Rheological Analysis web page to download our application notes here

To understand our capabilities and discuss your needs in rheological measurement and product understanding, please contact us by emailing or calling us on +44 (0)113 246 9749

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