Particle CountingNovember 28, 2012

Coulter Particle Counter

Escubed Adds Particle Counting to its Capabilities…

We have expanded our physical characterisation capabilities with the addition of a Beckman Coulter Counter.

The Coulter Counter is a versatile, multichannel, particle size analyser, which employs the Coulter electrical impedance method to provide a particle size distribution analysis within the overall range 0.4micron to 1200micron. Its response is unaffected by particle color, shape, composition or refractive index.

The instrument determines the number and size of particles suspended in a conductive liquid by monitoring the electrical current between two electrodes immersed in the conductive liquid on either side of a small aperture, through which a suspension of the particles is forced to flow. As each particle passes through the aperture, it changes the impedance between the electrodes and produces an electrical pulse of short duration having a magnitude essentially proportional to the particle volume. The series of pulses is electronically scaled, counted and accumulated in a number of size related channels which, when their contents is displayed on the integral Visual Display, produces a distribution curve.

This instrument is designed to provide accurate particle size distribution curves within a 30:1 dynamic range by diameter, or a 27000:1 range by volume, from any one aperture.

The technology is defined by the International Standard ISO 13319 (ISO 13319:2000: Determination of particle size distributions — Electrical sensing zone method)

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